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    plotaroute admin   Monday 09 Jun 2014 13:10:46

    New CountsWe've upgraded our Upload a Route feature so that turn-by-turn directions and waypoints are now imported when you upload a route that you've mapped elsewhere.

    The best way to transfer your routes to is to export them to files choosing the TCX course format. This is Garmin's standard for route navigation. You can then upload these files directly to your account. You can also upload any courses directly from your Garmin device too, along with any turn-by-turn instructions, by selecting the 'Upload from a Garmin' option.

    You can find all the upload features in the menus in the route planner.

    We've also revised our route download routines at the same time to use street names for the turn warnings on your Garmin rather than the previously numbered notes, which gives you more information when navigating with a Garmin device.

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