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    plotaroute admin   Wednesday 16 Jul 2014 09:52:58

    We're very pleased to announce another new feature on - multi-sheet route map printing.

    Printing route maps that are easy to follow is important if you are trying out a new route. Sometimes the detail you need is lost when a route is compressed to fit onto a single A4 page. With our new multi-sheet printing option you can choose to print routes in sections on up to 5 pages, giving you up 5 times more detail than a single A4 sheet.

    We've also added an option to specify the type of map you want to print (street maps, satellite or the paths map), so that you don't need to select this for each individual page in the print preview.

    The new multi-sheet print option is available in all map features on the site, including the route planner, our mobile route player and our animated embedded maps.

    Multi-Sheet Printing

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