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How do i set defaults distance to km 2 459 The HTML code we provide for embedding maps will reflect whatever units you are using at the time you click the SHARE button, so if you are viewing the route in km when you click SHARE to generate th...
Reverse-route data corruption? 3 555 Thanks. Sorry, I didn't see the feature request before posting.
Auto route creation, Route not aligned with road? 2 407 Sorry Michael, I'm a bit confused. Are you saying that routes created using the "Make Me a Route" feature don't follow the roads prcesiely or that this happens when you download routes from Strava a...
View route directions as waypoints 7 528 Wow, very impressive - glad you found a solution.John
How do I save battery life 2 364 That's one for Garmin I think Steve, unless anyone else can offer any advice?John
edit sections along a route 2 555 Hi Bev - The best thing I can suggest is to have a look at our video tutorial on Editing Routes to see if this helps. John...
Not enough points 2 498 I've not heard of that before! Maybe the device got confused about where it was on the route. Anyone else got any suggestions?John...
Greetings and Good Work 2 327 Thanks for your kind comments - glad you're finding the site useful.John
Route Color on Garmin 5 1461 Yay!! Thanks a lot!
Route Timer - Incorporate speed degradation over time/distance 4 937 Thanks for your sugestion Pierre - I've added this to the Feature Request list (number 53).John