How To Join Together Two Or More Routes

How to join together two or more routes

If you have two or more separate routes that you would like to combine into one longer route, you can do this using the Combine Routes feature. Follow these instructions.

  1. First ensure that you've saved all the routes that you want to join together and have given them unique names.

  2. Select Combine Routes from the menu.

    Combine Routes menu option

  3. Find the first route (if you have not already selected it for editing) by typing its name in the search box in the Combine Routes panel and selecting it from the list of options.

    Select a route to combine

  4. A preview of the route will be displayed. If this is the correct route click the Append This Route button to load it for editing.

    Confirm the route to combine

  5. Next select the second route. A preview map will be displayed again but this time there will be a message asking you to select how you want to two routes to be connected together. Set the Auto-Plot switch to your chosen routing method (On Foot, By Bike, By Road or select Off to connect them with a straight line) and then click Append This Route. You'll get an error message if the two routes can't be connected because they are too far apart.

    Confirm the second route to combine

  6. Repeat the above steps to append further routes and then save the completed route when you have finished (be sure to select SAVE AS NEW ROUTE if you already had a route open in the route planner when you started).

As an alternative, to show both routes separately on the same map you can use the Route Collection feature.

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