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    jim o'byrne   Wednesday 09 Oct 2019 09:57:19

    Thanks for the help :)

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    plotaroute admin   Tuesday 08 Oct 2019 07:28:24


    You can use our Plot a Detour tool to add a detour. See our guide on plotting detours for more information about this.

    For general editing of routes, including altering them to pass through a waypoint, you can use our Reshape Route tool. Take a look at our video tutorial on editing routes for a demonstration of this.



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    jim o'byrne   Monday 07 Oct 2019 10:36:15


    Any update on how to enter a waypoint?

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    Jai Smith Wednesday 25 Oct 2017 06:00:22

    Hi, how do I add a waypoint to an imported track or add a small detour that will double back on itself to the main track?

    Thanks for any help! :)

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