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    plotaroute admin   Wednesday 30 Oct 2019 11:11:06

    One of the many great features of plotaroute.com is the ability to embed resizable, animated, interactive route maps onto your own blog or website, much like a YouTube video. As far as we're aware, no other mapping website offers the ability to embed maps that are as feature rich as ours; giving people the option to print, download or share a route directly from your own website, as well as access to directions, finish time estimates, the route's elevation profile, gradient shading and any photos you've shared.

    Today we've extended our embedded maps further, by providing an option to automatically show the route's elevation profile when someone clicks "play" to activate it, avoiding the need to select it from the map's menu. This new setting is available when you come to generate the embedded map code, which you can do by selecting SHARE from the menu above the map on the View Route page.

    Embedded map with elevation profile

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