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Christchurch To Burton Common, Avon Valley Path


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    Walking route mapped by  Stuart Granger Photo
    12 months ago

    Starts near Christchurch, GBSEARCH NEARBY
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    7.639 miles
    200 ft | 196 ft 
    Christchurch To Burton Common, Avon Valley Path
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    A route best suited for dry weather.

    Start at Mill Road BH23 2JY for free street parking.

    The first part of this route takes in the Avon Valley Path over a section of flood plain. Therefore, in the winter and during wet spells this first section could either be inaccessible or a bit wet!

    The walk starts by entering the South West Water works. Walk straight ahead alongside the old pumping house and turn left at the back of it, walking immediately along the edge of the river Avon.

    When you head across the fields, you need to aim for just right of the pylon, or take the rivers edge if there are not too many fishermen about.

    The walk takes in some quiet urban areas and some very quiet remote areas. It can be extended if you explore more of Burton Common before taking the return journey home.

    For the last two miles of the walk, it travels alongside a dual carriageway which can be noisy. To avoid this, consider rerouting under the railway bridge (Salisbury Rd) and back through Burton, although this will extend the route.

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