How To Truncate Or Crop A Route

How to truncate a route to shorten it

If you have an existing route that you would like to truncate, so that it starts later or finishes earlier, there is an easy way to do this using the Shorten Route feature in the route planner. Follow these instructions.

  1. Select the route for editing in the route planner.

  2. From the toolbar select Shorten Route.

    Shorten Route feature

  3. If you want to start at a point part-way into the route, drag the Start Marker (A) along the route to the position where you want the new start point to be.

  4. If you want to finish somewhere before the end of the route, drag the Finish Marker (B) back along the route to where you want the new finish point to be.

  5. Save your revised route (choose SAVE AS NEW ROUTE if you want to keep your original one too).

You can also use the Delete Section feature to truncate a route, although the Shorten Route feature is easier for this task. You will need to make sure that the section selected for deletion includes the very first or very last points accordingly (best done by dragging the slider rather than the markers on the map).

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