How To Share Private Routes With Only Selected People

How to share Private routes with only selected people

If you have a route that you want to share with selected people but which you don't want to make publicly available to everyone, you can share the route in a restricted way with anyone you choose, provided they are registered on  Follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to

  2. Plot and save your route, selecting "Private" as the Share status when you save it (you can change this at any time after saving the route from your My Routes page).

  3. Select your My Account page from the menus and tick the option "let people I'm following see my private routes".

    Option to share Private routes with people you follow

  4. Go to your My Home page and select the "Following" tab to see all the other users you are currently following.

  5. Follow all the people who you want to share your Private routes with.  You can select each one by searching for their name using the search box above the list. 

    Select a user to follow

    You can also search for people using the Universal Search box next to the menus, which will take you to each person's profile page, where you can find a Follow button.

  6. View your route and select SHARE from the menu above the map.

  7. Share the link to the route with the people you followed.  The people you are sharing it with will need to be signed in to to be able to view the link.

    PLEASE NOTE: Your Private routes will not be visible in any search results on the website, so you will need to send a link to the route, to the person you are sharing it with.

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