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    Martyn Sandford Monday 17 Apr 2017 08:53:59

    Now that the 'Creators Notes' can be printed out as part of the cover sheet, there would be benefit in making the field larger and enabling it to be formatted, i.e., as HTML. The editor available for creating these Forum notes could then be used to maintain the 'Creators Notes' field also.

    While the ability to add highlights (bold/italics/bullets etc) would be useful, the main benefit in HTML would be access to active, i.e., clickable, links.  These could be used in many ways:

    • To provide a link to an event organiser's website to give quick access to, e.g., registration/joining details.
    • To link to transport information such as train/bus timetables or car parking locations.
    • To link to other Plotaroute routes to provide easy access to follow-on or alternative routes.  (See feature requests 55 and 17 which have requested this and recieved significant numbers of votes.)
    • To link to websites for cafes/pubs or overnight accommodation.

    For example, the following text might appear:

    "Follow route 12345 <link> to return to the start a different way or you can catch a No.99 bus - timetable here <link> - from outside the village store. If you wish to stay over-night, accommodation is available at the ABC Inn <link>."

    An additional benefit of HTML would be the ability to embed images.  These could be used to:

    • Show a charity or organiser's logo.
    • Post a plan of the event marshalling area to show the location of check-in desks, refreshment points, toilets etc.
    • Post a plan of the area near the start to show transport set-down points, car parking or refreshment opportunities.

    All in all, this one, fairly self-contained modification, has the potential to enable significant functionality.

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