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    Walking route mapped by  Frederick Dimbleby Photo
    2 years ago

    Starts near Ripon, GBMORE ROUTES NEAR HERE
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    1). Start at the Obelisk in Ripon Market Square
    2). Cross the Market Square and walk down Low Skellgate (The Wakemans Cafe will be on your left)
    3). Follow the road down and cross the road at the traffic lights.
    4). Continue down Harrogate road passing Quik Fit on the right-hand side and follow the road across the bridge until the junction for Whitcliffe Lane appears on the right. (Opposite the South Lodge pub)
    5). Walk up Whitcliffe Lane right to the end and continue up the bridlepath until you reach a right turn with Bland Close Farm directly ahead.
    6). Turn right up this bridlepath and continue along the track until the end of the road.
    7). At the end of Whitcliffe Lane, turn right, and follow the road down, passing How Hill Tower on the left-hand side and continue along the road and down the hill until you come across a sign for a bridle path on the right-hand side.
    8). Once you reach the bridle path, you will be greeted with National Trust signs, laying out the bylaws.
    9). From here, follow the large stone wall on your right-hand side to the top of the hill. (From this location, you can get a unique perspective of Fountains Abbey and Fountains Hall.) It may be worth taking a break here.
    10). Once at the top of the hill, go through the gate into the field and follow the path straight across. The gate is in the far right corner. (There is usually cattle in this field and they have been known to follow people in the past)
    11). Follow the footpath through the farm, observing for moving agricultural machinery and continue across the field until you reach the gate on the far side of the field.
    12). Follow the footpath down until you get to the dilapidated entrance to Mackershaw Deer Park. Continue straight ahead.
    13). At the end of this path, you will be presented with two paths. Follow the path down the hill.
    14). This path will bring you out at the ford/ last bridge for the Seven Bridges, cross the river and turn right.
    15). Follow the path back to Studley Roger.
    16). Once back in the village, follow the road up until you see a public footpath sign on the right-hand side.
    17). Follow this path back to Ripon, going straight ahead at the crossroads.
    18). Once at the end of the path, cross the road onto the grass verge & follow the pavement back towards Ripon.
    19). The pavement will end at a mini-roundabout, cross the road on the bridge and follow Mallorie Park Drive (the main road to the right) all the way back into the city centre.
    20). You should now recognise where you started from.
    21) Turn left and walk up Low Skellgate.
    22). A the top of Low Skellgate, turn right onto the Market Square to complete the route.
    13.977 km
    208 m | 208 m 
    st lb  
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