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How To Identify The Biggest Hill Climbs On A Route


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How to show where the steepest and longest hill climbs are on a route

Once you've saved a route on you can use the Route Profile tool to examine the hills on the route in more detail. These instructions explain how to identify the steepest and longest climbs on a route.

  1. Select and view your route.

  2. Select Hills from the menu above the map.

    Hills menu option

  3. Click on the EXPLORE HILLS IN MORE DETAIL button to launch the Route Profile tool. You can also launch the Route Profile tool by clicking the Route Profile Tool link below the map.

    Explore Hills button

  4. The Route Profile tool will initially display the elevation profile and statistics for the whole route. Moving your mouse over the chart will display the elevation at points along the route, as indicated by the blue dot on the map.

    Route Profile tool

  5. To highlight the steepest and longest uphill sections, click the pencil icon next to these statistics. This will add label to the chart to show where these sections start and a dashed line along the hill will show where the longest climb finishes.

    Showing locations of the steepest and longest climbs

  6. You can examine sections of the route in more detail by using the slider to zoom in. Drag the green and red slider handles to do this (the selected section of the route will be highlighted in green on the map) and the steepest and longest positions will update automatically.

    Showing locations of the steepest and longest climbs on part of a route

  7. You can look at the steepest and longest downhill sections in the same way. Click the icons next to the relevant statistics to remove the labels from the chart.


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