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Brothers Creek Middle Bridge


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    Running route mapped by  Ran Katzman Photo
    3 years ago

    Starts near North Vancouver, CASEARCH NEARBY
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    6.110 miles
    1952 ft | 1948 ft 
    Brothers Creek Middle Bridge
    st lb  
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    From Cleveland Dam head West on Baden Powell trail up through the British Properties to Millstream Rd/Craigmohr Dr.
    Right up the hill on Craigmohr keeping left onto Kildonan Rd.
    Up the hill on Kildonan and straight onto the trail that starts at the end of the road.
    Follow the trail, keeping left at the small clearing. Stay left, ignore the first trail to your left, and 20 meters later take a left to Ballantree trail - There is a wooden post with the trail name here.
    Follow Balantree (mostly up at the beginning then rolling) for about 15 minutes until it intersects at a Y junction with the Brother's Creek Fire Access road. There's a signpost here indicating the trail names.
    Go right and up following the Fire Access road up for about 10 minutes until you come to a picnic table and another signpost that indicates the Crossover Trail.
    Go left off the Fire Access road and follow the Crossover Trail westward. Continue straight thru a 4-way junction with the Railway trail, and after 15-20 minutes you'll cross a small bridge over Brother's Creek.
    Very shortly after crossing the bridge, you'll come to a T intersection with the Brother's Creek trail. Go left and down.
    After 5-10 minutes of downhill you'll end up down at the Baden Powell trail.
    Take the easily-missed sharp left onto the Baden Powell Trail and follow the Baden Powell markers and sign-posts back to Cleveland Dam.

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