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    Friday Night Marathon Training 8 Mile Route Option

    Running route mapped by  Brian Cross Photo
    3 years ago

    Starts near Blackburn, GBSEARCH NEARBY
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    8.247 miles
    764 ft | 757 ft 
    Friday Night Marathon Training 8 Mile Route Option
    st lb  
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    Well, peeps here is our Friday evening 8-mile training run for Tracy's group which she has kindly asked me to plot.
    OK, i have been nice to you and left out St James Rd. So we start with a nice slow pace from the car park out and up Buncer lane. Branch right along Billinge End Rd to the top.At the top turn left towards the box junction with revidge then cross the main road and head up Revidge Rd. Carry on along till we come to Duke's brow turning right down the hill towards Preston New Road. This is where the 4-mile group will head off back towards Witton Park. We then carry on along the A677 Preston New Road and on to Barbara Castle Way towards the traffic lights at the junction with the A666. Turn left up Whalley New Road carrying on until you reach the end and Brownhill roundabout. At the traffic lights turn left onto the A6119 Ramsgrave Drive until the junction with the B6232 Pleckgate Road. Follow The road all the way along to the junction with Revidge road and Shear Brow turn left down B6232 Shear Brow follow down to Eat park road and turn down East Park Road all the way down till you reach Shear Bank Road. Follow Shear Bank Road down to the junction with Preston New Road turning right towards Montague street and carefully cross over heading down Montague Street till you reach Oakenhurst Rd Wensley. There we carry on along Oakenhurst Rd Wensley and to Garden Street. Straight down the hill to the old Griffin pub then branch right down St Philips Street down to the bottom near the church tower. Turn right along Rutland down to the bottom at redlam take the left and continue all the way down to the traffic lights at spring lane/Buncer crossing over onto Preston Old Road and heading straight down and back towards the park gates. and 8 miles done and dusted on the plan. WELL SLIGHTLY OVER :-) Hope this helps. I've plotted an average 11 min miles estimated to finish for around 19.30 if that's okay with everyone See you Friday and smiling


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