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ASZW: Hre Drv To Hippo Pools - Shamva


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    Route mapped by  Active Sports Photo
    1 year ago

    Starts near The Grange, ZWSEARCH NEARBY
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    86.606 miles
    3881 ft | 6358 ft
    ASZW: Hre Drv To Hippo Pools - Shamva
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    Drive out on the Enterprise Road, through Toll Gate ($2 per vehcile)
    Proceed 150M at Y Stay Left towards Shamva
    From Toll Gate proceed 115km to Umfurudzi Park seeing below on the way...

    15.4km: Ewanrigg turnoff on the right
    21.5km: Bally Vaughn entrance on the left at
    44.5km: Lion’s Head / Mumurgwe Hill / Rock art on left & Dam on Umwindsi River on right
    70.0km: Bindura road on the left, carry straight on through Shamva town
    The road now becomes a mixture of narrow & double tar with steep drop-offs, beware some minibus's do not get off the narrow tar
    74.0km: Cross the Mazowe River
    96.0km: Cross the Umfurudzi River
    100.0km: Go Straight onto dirt road (left takes you to Bindura)
    100.7km: 700m, Turn Right into Madziwa Business Centre - Madziwa Mine Secondary School is on your left, FOLLOW the ‘Umfurudzi Park’ signs as tricky going through the BC
    Proceed through shopping centre
    100.9km: 170m, Turn to Right then Left after Flea market (see Madziwa Clubhouse in front of you)
    101.6km: 750m, Reach tar road, Turn Left (on right see the old Madziwa Mine processing plant)
    108.6km: 7.3km, Potholed tar to Umfurudzi Park Gate Park Office - Formalities with National Parks $3 per person per day - $5 per vehicle
    113.6km: 5.0km, At Y Stay Right (Sign - Park Headquarters)
    115.1km: 1.5km, Umfurudzi Reception - Report in & PAY Park entry fees - Retain receipt, required to be produced at Main gate on exit
    116.1km: 1.5km, At Y stay Right to Hippo Pools
    123.3km: 6.7km, Proceed through Buffalo Gates - PLEASE CLOSE GATES
    129.0km: 5.7km, Ariive at Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp - Follow signs to Reception

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