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    Cycle route mapped by  Juan Botes Photo
    1 year ago

    Starts near George, ZASEARCH NEARBY
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    31.283 miles
    4179 ft | 4183 ft
    st lb  
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    Starting at the NMMU (Saasveld) sports fields, riders will head north for a short flat section of 2km to warm up the legs, before tackling the first big climb of the day, “Klein Tierkop”, with this circular section that will be negotiated by going up east and coming down west. The climb is 2.2km long, leading to a short plateau, followed by the descent, which is steepest and most technical at its start (take care!).

    After negotiating “Klein Tierkop”, riders will head westward to cross the Swart River just south of Pepsi Pools. This river crossing (waterpoint @ 8.5km) consists of loose rocks and pebbles which should be negotiated with caution and immediately leads into a short, but brutally steep climb out of the river bed, with riders that will struggle to keep their front wheels grounded.

    Long and mid distance riders will now part ways (watch out for route markings and marshalls indicating this).

    A short section of relatively flat jeep track will give some relief, before starting the second big climb of the the day – the 2km long Horseshoe bend climb. Once negotiated, 3km of jeep track under forest canopy follows. A left turn takes riders into a short descend towards the railway line (at +- 13km into the race).

    Upon arrival at the railway line race marshals will enforce a compulsory portage onto the railway. Once on the railway, riders will be allowed to mount their bikes and must ride ON the railway for +-500m (reason being that this is a short section where there is two-way traffic, with riders on the return leg of the ride, coming back below the railway).

    After exiting the railway section a right turn takes riders into a short, steep cement climb past the waterworks (waterpoint @ 14km) and towards probably the most scenic forest section of the route.

    Sampies Hoogte will be the next challenge, with a gradual climb to this landmark.

    Playtime is around the corner, with excellent single track sections, expertly crafted by the local trail builders (Hillbillies MTB Club), which will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

    From here riders will head back in an eastern direction on the middle contour road (waterpoint @ 25km) and a single track section behind Denneoord neighbourhood, back towards the waterworks. Riders will now stay below the level of the railway line onto a short single track descend leading into a jeep track section circumventing the Working on Fire airstrip.

    A jeeptrack loop on the western bank of the Garden Route Dam will test tired legs and will take riders onto a short, steep climb (watch out for the hairpin turn to the right halfway up the climb), heading back to the Swart River crossing (waterpoint @ 38km), a short climb past the quarry and a last jeep track section north east of the dam (waterpoint @ 50km) and towards the race finish at Saasveld.


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