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One way systems 7 124 Hi David,Looks like a problem in our database (coming from OSM). I'll tel you when this will be fixed.Arnaud
Beta Testing of New Mobile App 7 726 Hi Mark,The new mobile app is almost finished. We are discussing how to release it.Arnaud
Visorando Acquires Plotaroute 14 793 Congratulations to all parties invloved! I trust that Visorando sees the USA as a great opportunity as we are also crazy about hiking and biking in the great outdoors. John has done a great job a
Visorando Acquires Plotaroute 14 793 Please dont do anything to the route planner part of PAR. It's easily the best route planner out there, and I have found nothing close. If that is affected adversely, I'll be another voting with my f
One way systems 7 124 Hi folksAny update here?Thanks
Visorando Acquires Plotaroute 14 793 Why did Plotaroute sell out to Visorando?I have been a subscriber for a few years, my main hope is there are NO negative changes or i will vote with my feet
Visorando Acquires Plotaroute 14 793 I'd like to send my best wishes and thanks to you, John. You created an amazing website, packed with the most useful tools and were always so responsive to the community you built up. And it was a co
Visorando Acquires Plotaroute 14 793 Arnoud, thanks for your post here in the forum. That really gave me hope and trust that plotaroute is going to have a great future. Plotaroute really have some unique key features for me, that help m
Beta Testing of New Mobile App 7 726 Arnaud,May I ask, please, what is the future of this new mobile app, now that Visorando have aquired plotaroute?Mark
Visorando Acquires Plotaroute 14 793 Arnaud,Thank you for the positive response! You have a dedicated community in plotaroute, we look forward to supporting new developments!Many thanks, John, for your single-handed creation, developmen
Visorando Acquires Plotaroute 14 793 Hi Mark,Thanks for your message.I want to introduce myself here since we'll probably have more discussions with you and Plotaroute community in the near future.My name is Arnaud and I'm the cofounder
One way systems 7 124 Hi folks. There is an issue here alright. Forget about entering the town for now and instead I want to go from point A to point B as shown below.I'm auto plotting 'By Road'. Plotaroute is routing me
One way systems 7 124 Hi folksApologies for the delay in replying. I'm not sure what I had auto-plot set to. It's possible it was set to bike. I will try again by setting it to 'Road' and let you know how it goes. Thanks!
Visorando Acquires Plotaroute 14 793 mmmmm, I want to be oh so positive ..... but Viewranger was aquired by Outdooractive (a German company, I think) and look what happened to that great application ....
Visorando Acquires Plotaroute 14 793 We are excited to announce that Plotaroute has been acquired by Visorando, the leading website and app for hiking in France. The acquisition will support Visorandorsquo;s expansion within English spe
Real application 2 70 We have no plans at present to replicate all the functionality of Plotaroute in a native app, but we do have a native companion app under development that will provide offline navigation and recordin
Download Issues 7 83 Great, thanks for letting us know.
Real application 2 70 I would like to know when a real application will be made, not a plug-in for the browser. It's annoying that with browser restrictions I can't use the "app".
Download Issues 7 83 Hi Downloaded using Chrome, all good. Thanks again for your help.CheersJeff
Download Issues 7 83 HI Mark?AdminI am using DuckDuckGo and running a VPN. I will try a differenet browser and switch of the VPN one at a time.Thanks for responding. I will let you know how I get on.CheersJeff
Suunto not importing turn by turn 4 65 That's odd Robert, as we just tried here with one of your routes (3 Downtown Newark) and it appeared in the Suunto app with all the directions. Did you turn on the "Turn-by-turn guidance" switch in t
Download Issues 7 83 Hi Jeff,We can download that route here, so as Mark says it is probably something local. It could be affected by a browser extension you have installed, so I would recommend temporarily disabling any
Download Issues 7 83 I just tried it from a saved route in My Routes (on a PC), using your exact Options. Files saved to my PC OK.I know it doesn't help directly, but would seem to indicate a local problem ....
Download Issues 7 83 To add some detail. I am just trying to download GPX files direct to my laptop. I open a saved route from My Routes, when its open I select download from the drop down menuOptions:File type GPSForma
Download Issues 7 83 HiI cannot download any of my routes. I get the following message.404 - File or directory not found.The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily u