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This is a list of new or enhanced features that users of the site have requested. Our aim is to try to focus on the most voted for features when developing the site but this will also depend on feasibility and cost. Please help us prioritise development of the site by voting for enhancements you'd most like to see.

If you have an idea for an enhancement or new feature please search the list first to see if it has been raised already and if not, suggest it via the Forum.

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88 Suggested Create a new map overlay to show gradients of roads on the route planner using different colours Start Discussion 1 Sign In
90 Suggested Provide an Auto-Plot option for road/racing bikes Start Discussion 0 Sign In
75 Suggested Provide a way of exporting routes in bulk (e.g. to back them up) Start Discussion 0 Sign In
56 Suggested Provide options to customise the way the maps look e.g. to highlight certain features Start Discussion 0 Sign In
41 Suggested Make the colour of the route line on a downloaded image file the same as the colour chosen for the route planner Start Discussion 0 Sign In
21 Suggested Add a thumbnail map when in the Street Map view View Comments (5) 0 Sign In
4 Suggested Option to show/hide bike paths on printed maps Start Discussion 0 Sign In
29 Suggested Provide a way of sending private messasges to other users of plotaroute.com Start Discussion 0 Sign In
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