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How To Share A List Of Your Public Routes

How to share a list of all your public routes mapped on

If you would like to share a list of all the public routes you've mapped on, you can do this by following these instructions.

  1. Sign in to your account. This isn't essential but it makes it easier.

  2. Go to your My Profile page - select this from the menus or click the link on your personal home page.

    User Profile option on the menus

    If you are not signed in you can find your My Profile page by searching for your name using the Unversal Search box next to the menus.

  3. Click on the "See all" link next to "LATEST SHARED ROUTES" or "MOST POPULAR SHARED ROUTES", dependng on which list you'd like to share.

    Links to see routes from My Profile page

  4. This will then display a list of all your public routes, sorted accordingly.

    Latest routes shared by a user

  5. If you only want to share some of your routes (e.g. those over a certain length, those starting from a given town or perhaps only cycling routes), apply additional filter criteria.

  6. Click the share buttons at the top of the page to share the list by email or on social media.

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