How To Set Your Default Units As Km Or Miles


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Choose between km and miles as your default units of measurement

If you've created an account on plotaroute.com, you can specify the units of measurement to be used by default when you launch the route planner or view a route by updating your Settings.  Follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. Select My Settings from the menus. You can also access your Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the route planner.

  3. Select Km or Miles.

    Change your default units of measurement

  4. This setting will apply whenever you are signed in. 

  5. You can also toggle the distance units when viewing a route (this will not alter your default setting):

    Change the units when viewing a route
  6. To override someone's default units when sharing a route, ensure you are viewing the route with the desired units and then choose "Current" as the Map/Units setting in the Share route panel:

    Override the default units when sharing a route




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