How To Bookmark Your Favourite Places

How to bookmark your favourite places for plotting routes

If you tend to plot routes in the same areas, it's a good idea to bookmark these places so that you don't have to search for them each time. You can also use these bookmarks to quickly search for routes shared by other people in these areas. Follow these instructions to set up and use place bookmarks.

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. Select Plot a Route to launch the route planner.

  3. Locate the area you want on the map. You can either do this by clicking on the Locate Me icon or by using the Search map box to search for a place.

    Locate a place on the route planner map

  4. Once you have locate the correct place, click on the bookmark icon in the LOCATE MAP widget above. This will display a list of any bookmarks you have already saved along with options to add and delete.

    Display the bookmarks list

  5. Click on Add, give the bookmark a name and click SAVE.

    Add a new bookmark

  6. The bookmark will then be added to the list.

    Saved bookmark

  7. To locate the map at this place at any time, just click on the bookmark icon and select it from the list of saved bookmarks.

  8. You can also access all your bookmarks places on your My Home page by selecting the MY PLACES panel. From here there are links to both plot and find routes, as well as a link to check the weather forecast.

    My Places panel on My Home page

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