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Sort routes by date modified? 1 0 I would like to go straight to the route i've been working on, vs scrolling down. Is there a way to sort by the date modified, vs date created? ThanksL...
Add routes to a collection 9 47 Many thanks, that helps.John
Wahoo no longer downloads routes 4 18 I can confirm that we haven't made any changes to the site over the past few days, so I think the problem must have been caused by something else. It sounds like you're using a iPhone? Have you recen...
Changing plotting colors on map 2 6 Sorry, no, I'm afraid not. You can however change your default route colour if you wish.
Make Me a Route Via.... 8 2120 You can plot anywhere on the map by turning off the Auto-Plot switch.
Support Added for Garmin FIT Files 13 2457 Hi Terry,As far as I know you can import routes in GPX format to Garmin Zumo devices but I believe that Zumo devices recelculate any routes imported from other applications, so you probably won't be...
know whether the distance calculated is including elevation or not? 2 8 Please see: forum topic on Route Distance calculation
Cycling/Mountain biking 2 10 Thanks for this suggestion Stephen.
Club Page/Group 5 697 Thanks for these suggestions Chris. We'd certainly like to add some club/group features to the site at some point, so this is really helpful. John...
Add a waypoint or detour 4 300 Thanks for the help :)